contact_2 Les hommes - Joseph Perrier


As the heirs of Joseph Perrier we continue his search for excellence. Our experience and “savoir-faire” has been passed down and refined through the five generations who have owned and controlled this family House.
Left : Joseph PERRIER (1825)
Right : Paul PITHOIS (1888)


Pierre et Roger Pithois, relaient leur père Paul à la direction, et fêtent le centenaire de la maison.
Left : Pierre et Roger PITHOIS PERRIER (1925)
Right : Georges PITHOIS (1950)

Jean-Claude Fourmon

Président of Joseph Perrier

« As the current generation of my family to run the House, I am linked heart and soul to Joseph Perrier, always driving for excellence, it has been a labour of love.»

Patrick Martin

Vineyard Manager Joseph Perrier

« I am proud to share my passion for the vineyards of Joseph Perrier with a team that, often through father and son, has worked these vines to produce the very best quality fruit. »