contact_2 Le savoir faire - Joseph Perrier


Our objective is not to increase the yields in so doing, rather to use the minimum necessary to improve the health and balance in the vineyards, always being careful to study and create a programme for each parcel individually.


Our 21 hectares of family vineyards are situated above the Marne river with a wonderful aspect facing south over Epernay. We carefully pick by hand into small baskets so as to ensure that each berry reaches the press in perfect condition.


We have put in place natural protection for the vines wherever possible such as alternate rows of grass between the vines and water spray systems against the frost.


With our view of history and of the future, we treat our vineyards with the utmost respect. We were enthusiastic early adopters of a culture of reducing inputs to a minimum, searching for equilibrium and balance. We have encouraged the growth of indigenous wildflowers along the edge of the vineyards.


We feel that our champagne truly remains a hand-made product. Each bottle effectively passes through 10 pairs of hands in its' production and this respects the ways of the past and continues the feeling that we are still making an artisanal product today.


The past inspires us. We embrace the good traditions and enrich them with care and respect. We are driven by a passion for excellence yet remain curious; history runs in our blood and yet we always have one eye on the future.