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Cuvée Royale Vintage 2013

The House

10 different champagne styles

Our historic family-run House was founded in 1825 and is the only one making champagne in Châlons-en-Champagne today.
It stands out thanks to the know-how passed down through six generations.
Our champagne has been part of history many times and was chosen for the royal courts of both Queen Victoria and Edward VII.

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The Revival

light up

The House Joseph Perrier reveals itself in a new light. Luminous. Enlightening. Sparkling. Positive. Uninhibited. Discover our new brand concept.
Illuminating life.

A radiant

To illuminate each meeting with the House, each tasting, each moment of sharing to reveal the joy that life offers us.

Illuminate every shared moment
of life

To transmit with our history, our terroirs, and our champagnes this positive energy in order to illuminate each tasting.

On the eve of its 200th anniversary, Champagne Joseph Perrier rethinks its « Cuvée Royale » collection by honoring the heritage of the house while looking to the future.


For nearly 200 years, Joseph Perrier enchants every moment of life. Our Champagne illuminates grand events as well as small occasions with the same intensity. It's the brightness that awakens optimism and joie de vivre, at every encounter. It's the whole story of a family, a region, men, and women bound by the same passion.

At the origin, there is Joseph Perrier and his audacious vision. His know-how, his dynamism, and his inventiveness have never left the family. Without ever betraying his philosophy, Benjamin Fourmon, 6th generation, strives to preserve this convivial, joyful, and entrepreneurial momentum that defines the house.

From Châlons to Cumières, in Champagne and all over the world, we claim our unique, positive, natural, and uninhibited state of mind. Optimism is our hallmark; it feeds on our vines, our encounters, and our collaborations. This same optimism is found in each of our bottles: the exhilarating sensation that, for a fraction of a second, illuminates the moment.

See you in July
to discover the new site

See you in July to discover the new site

Champagne Joseph Perrier - Savoir faire

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