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A 150-year-old bottle discovered by a friend of the House

A part of our history is re-emerging.

Between 1880 and 1906, an exceptional bottle was created. It was rediscovered at the beginning of the year, almost a century and a half later, by Mr Damien Vignaud, a pharmacist and wine enthusiast, found it in an antique shop. With the help of the company’s archives, we were able to obtain the date, from the Art Nouveau period, thanks to the label and the prickle of the bottle. Over time, its aromas have evolved, giving it an entirely different oenological profile. The bottle’s label also bears the words “Aÿ Carte d’or”. Yet another clue to the bottle’s origin when the bottle was created. This inscription is not a reference to a potential cuvée, but rather to the personality of the Champagne, close to Agéen champagnes. A historic bottle, its dark, almost caramelised colour is both disconcerting and unique. Its exceptional aromas, both on the palate and on the nose, give it a floral, gourmet and distinctive personality. The quintessence of Champagne. This bottle completes the archives of the House of Joseph Perrier archives. This bottle dethrones a 1926 bottle acquired at auction and becomes the oldest in our archives. Its high sugar content, 102g/litre, after laboratory analysis, has enabled it to stand the test of time. A habit of the time that is now a thing of the past. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Mr Vignaud for for sharing this wonderful discovery and a piece of our House’s history with us. history.
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Champagne Joseph Perrier - Savoir faire

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